Income Protection

What will you do if you cannot perform the duties of your profession? Do you have the financial backing to cover your lifestyle while on the road to recovery? what if it takes 2 year, how about 5 years? Longer?

Provide protection against the possibility of income during the productive years of life when the impact on the ability to save for retirement can be significant and devastating.

Examples of Income Protection are:

Disability Insurance

Provides you with regular payments (usually monthly) to replace a pre-determined portion of your income (prior to disability), if you become disabled and unable to work.

Coverage pays up to $6,000 per month is available for eligible Professionals / Owners depending on income.

Appropriate amount of coverage will allow you to continue to pay for your living expenses and continue to save for retirement maintains the chances of you meeting your retirement savings / income goals.

Critical Illness

Provides you with a pre-determined lump sum if you are diagnosed with a serious illness such as cancer, heart disease requiring surgery, heart attack or stroke. The exact illnesses covered will be listed in your policy.

Long Term Care

Provides financial support if you who become unable to care for yourself because of a debilitating, severe or chronic illness. Reduces the chances of your retirement income not able to support the additional expenses associated with Long Term Care.